1. Dumptruck Cannibals
2. Shallow Tree
3. Spineez of Breakout
4. MD Skillz
5. Colour Field
6. Old D
7. Three Stupidities
8. Two Mbiras

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"From where I stand today, I donʼt see many who challenge our expectations of the role of the electronic music composer in the way Icarus do". - Scott McMillan, The Liminal.

"Ultimately, this album may rely a lot on computer input, and may sound, at times, like an extremely complex machine, yet Ollie Bown and Sam Britton have perhaps created here their warmest and most human record to date." - The Milk Factory.

"Aside from being a fascinating exercise in digital merchandising, Fake Fish Distribution is also a musical joy to behold. A cavaclade of IDM/electronic ambient treasures – FFD is for anyone with an open mind and an ear for sonic perfection." - God Is In The TV Zine.

"FFD is enjoyable as a purely intellectual experience and as a remarkable statement on how art and technology as well as new paradigms of music distribution join up to create new innovative products" - The405.

"Over the last decade London based duo Ollie Bown and Sam Britton have released several albums of electronic music under the Icarus name that push against the boundaries of the genre, resulting in consistently individualistic and inventive results" - Steven Johnson, MusicOMH

"Although conceptually forward-thinking and original, importantly the music is of similar standard and will prove to be an interesting listen for fans of electronic music released on labels like Warp. The album also casts light on wider subjects like music ownership and digital formats and to an extent it also promotes discussion over the role and nature of writing about music – each listener will have their own personal listening experience that maybe requires reviews to be approached in a different, more flexible way." - Steven Johnson, MusicOMH.

"Fake Fish Distribution is a lot of different things all at once. It's a statement, an art piece, an avant-garde electronic record. It is random loops upon random loops. It is a chaotic record. Despite this, it's actually pretty good – just don't play it to your parents." - David Pottnegrine, Planet Notion.

"You can get your own beautiful, Eno-inspired MP3 snowflake from Icarus' website" - Joshua Kopstein, Motherboard.

"one of the most conceptually interesting projects I've seen in awhile " - Hypebot.

"Icarus have taken a trail-blazing approach for their new album" - Ableton blog.


Icarus' album, Fake Fish Distribution (FFD), uses generative and parametric software techniques to create 1000 unique records. FFD comes in the form of a vast array of structured variations on the album's musical content, feeding unique versions to each unique listener.

The album is available as a limited edition, via the normal medium of music distribution -- the media file download -- with each of the 1000 versions only being sold once and in sequential order. Upon purchase, you become the owner of that unique version.

FFD is encoded as 320 kbps mp3 files, contains no digital rights management software. and will play in any digital music player able to handle mp3 playback.


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Music, Software, Scripting – Icarus (Ollie Bown and Sam Britton)
Mastering – Will Worsley, Trouble Studios
Artwork – Harrison Graphic Design

Icarus gratefully thank the following for their support of the FFD project

The PRSF Foundation (UK)
STEIM (Netherlands)
Ableton (Germany)
The University of Sydney (Australia)
Emmanuel Jourdan (France)